Talk about your best friend


Talk about your best friend

   My best friend is Lan. We have known each other since we were 10 years old. However we became best friends when we were at grade 7. At that time I was very bad at English and it was who helped me improve my English. Now she lives with her parents in Nguyen Trai street.

If I were to describe how she looks I would say she is very pretty. She has long black hair a straight nose and a small pointed chin. She is quite slim. She doesn t like to dress up so I usually see her wearing jeans and a T - shirt. She has a very nice personality and a wonderful sense of humour but she can also get a little depressed from time to time. I can always count on her to be honest and to give me the best advice.

What I like about Lan is that she has same hobbies with me. We both enjoy singing karaoke reading comic books and going shopping. We like going to the cinema but sometimes can t agree on which movie to see. In addition since I am better in Maths and Chemistry and she is better in English and languages we can always help each other if we get confused about a difficult homework assignment. We are so lucky that we get along so well. I hope that our friendship can last long.  

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